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Established in 1959 in Forli-Cesena, RUBICONE is based in the very heart of Romagna, which is one of the main hubs of Italian Good Taste, and devoted itself to meeting the needs of local gelato artisans achieving growing success.

RUBICONE is present in artisan laboratories across all five continents and contributes to representing the Italian Good Taste worldwide. Its wide range of both traditional ingredients and innovative formulations allows to meet the productive needs of gelato artisans and modern industrial laboratories. The Good Taste of RUBICONE is guaranteed by a team of quality-driven professionals.

Gelato Bases are powdered products constituting the indispensable ally in your daily work in the laboratory and the basic ingredient to arrange your Gelato display case. The number shown with the product name indicates the quantity of powder (in grams) that you need to add to 1 litre of milk or water to obtain the base mix. The higher the number, the greater the content of functional ingredients such as proteins, reducing sugars, fats and fibres to obtain a structured and creamy Gelato while enhancing the aromas of the different flavours.

Integrators provide you with all you need to enhance the structure of Gelato and customise the final result. You can add them to the white base and to fruit gelato mixes and sorbets.

Meet our wide range of Classic and Fruit Flavouring Pastes. In the Italian Classic Pastes you can find the best ingredients of the Italian Gelato-making and pastry tradition. RUBICONE has carefully combined them following traditional recipes and after more than 60 years of delicious and passionate experiments we can offer you rich Pastes to take the Italian charm to your Gelato display case. Fruit Pastes are a whole rainbow of flavours and the perfect ingredient to enhance the taste of fruit, which cannot release all its original flavours at the low temperature of the Gelato display case. In this way your Gelato will retain its taste and colour over time.

Soft waves of express Gelato prepared on the spot: this is the world of Soft Gelato and Frozen Yogurt. Soft Gelato has all the tastiness of Artisanal Gelato in Soft serve version with a creamy and velvety result. It is available in many Classic and Fruit flavours. In few simple steps, you can obtain a fresh artisanal Gelato without using a batch freezer. All you have to do is mix the content of the bag with water or milk and pour the mixture in the Soft serve machine.

The Frozen Yogurt line includes a wide range of premixes both to mix with milk and to mix with water. The line includes some timeless yogurt flavours: American style fresh and sour, Greek, Fat Free, the new Vegan version and many more exquisite offers.

Quick and well are the keywords of the Read Line. This is a line of complete premixes in powder that only requires the addition of water (or milk according to the recipe) since their formula already contains all the necessary ingredients: stabilizers, flavourings and sugars.

RUBICONE focuses on the sharing of corporate objectives among all employees, frequently organizes meetings to discuss the ongoing projects and future challenges to foster a spirit of cooperation and commitment. We support the new generations with a program of internships, which in many cases has led young girls and boys to be included in the company after a period of training. 

Bases for Gelato in Rubicone

Well balance preparation with easy formula for creation neutral mixture, gelato, ice cream, sorbet. Tradtional Bases and fruit bases will be used both hot and cold processing everyday. By the way, you can use best Bases like Base Premium 50, Base cesar 100, Fiordilatte 50, …(for milk bases), Vegetablefruit (for fruit ).

Pastes for Gelato in Rubicone

Well balance preparation with easy formula for creation neutral mixture, gelato, ice cream, sorbet. Tradtional Pastes and fruit Pastes will be used both hot and cold processing everyday. By the way, you can use best Pastes like Apricot, Apple, Banana, Biscotto, Blackberry, Blueberry, Caramel, Cheesecake, Chocolate, Cookie, Coconut, Hazelnut, Lemon, Mango, Mascarpone, Melon, Peach, Pineapple, Pistachio, Raspberry, Strawberry, Tiramisu, Vanilla, Wildberry.

Yogurt and soft ice cream in Rubicone

Well balance preparation with easy formula for creation Yogurt, soft ice cream, slush ice cream like Yogurt cream, Yogurt mix, Yogurt ice and Vanilla soft, Chocolate soft, Strawberry soft.

Supplements in Rubicone

Well balance preparation with easy formula for creation Gelato, Yogurt, soft ice cream, bakery like Rubicone Lacrocream (fat), Neutro, Setina, Fribre…

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MENMOT, established in 2015, like the importing company of gelato ingredients and equipment, located in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Gelato, Yogurt and Soft ice cream ingredients being sold in MENMOT have been imported from Italia. All products that we always focus on importing and selling high quality products with Rubicone into Vietnam now.

Most of Gelato and coffee products are being imported and sold for gelato shops, restaurants, bars, bakery and cafe in Vietnam with bases, Pastes, Topping, source..

Started from an import and brand representative, supplying gelato equpment and Italian ice cream ingredients and leading Italian gelato equipment in Vietnam. Many years ups and downs, developing Italian Gelato, Italian Foods with delicious, nutritious style. It is a combination of passion for clean ice cream and coffee, constantly thinking about how to create the purest, most outstanding and most delicious tea products for the community.

With the big showroom where the lasted high quality products on display, All Customers are able to see the actual products that they are buying. MENMOT have got a strong Technical Service Support Team consisting of about 10 skillful technicians for gelato and café equipment…

MENMOT with an excellent space for Gelato with ice-cream machines and showcases & Gelato Ingredients, to train customers how to make ice-cream, or to test and taste our products in the Italian restaurant naming Roma Dela. Here is also a large, well-equipped training room for Barista, Bartender and a great place to create new drinks, make demo to our customers, displays different coffee machines, coffee grinders, quality coffee beans and syrups or gelato ingredients.



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